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Here are all the releases from Totally Up! Project from 2008 all compiled into one post. Radio shows are included in here as well. I know this is gonna take me a while to do, so that is why I’ll give you links to our newly revamped website and then you can download it there. That sound good to you? It does to me.

Let’s start with January. Click on the release title to follow the link.

    January 2008

~ J-unior SWEETBE ALL RIGHT (01/02/08)
~ Twilight LegendMy Dear (01/18/08)
~ Meimei*KeiseiLU LU LU (01/20/08)

    Februrary 2008

~ Totally Up! WeeklyRadio Show 1 (02/01/08)
~ Lovely<3DestinySchool Distractions (02/02/08)
~ Suki Suki LOVE ShotAh! Nice Robokiss (02/03/08)
~ J-unior SWEETHappy Love (02/08/08)
~ Totally Up! ProjectWonderful Hearts Mini (02/14/08)
~ J-unior SWEET & YumikoYattarouze, Yumiko! (02/26/08)
~ Anna, Tomie, & Yumiko – Twilight Legend Audition Volume 0 (02/26/08)

    March 2008

~ Mari & Mitsuki – Twilight Legend Audition Volume 1 (03/01/08)
~ MariWe Can’t Be Friends (03/07/08)
~ Beautiful RadianceA Love Story (03/15/08)
~ NamiFestive Mood (03/18/08)
~ EvaBalalaika (03/19/08)
~ Twilight LegendLet’s Go, #1! (03/20/08)

    April 2008

~ J-unior SWEET’s Team SMy Lunch (04/04/08)
~ Tiny WheatAi~n! Cha Cha Cha! (04/05/08)
~ J-unior SWEET’s Team JBlue Jeans (04/06/08)
~ DanicaSweetholic (04/12/08)
~ Twilight LegendLUCKY Chance (04/13/08)

    May 2008

~ Totally Up! WeeklyRadio Show 2 (05/04/08)
~ MariRight Now, It’s Easy! (05/10/08)
~ Sexy3Onna, Kanashii, Otona (05/23/08)

    June 2008

~ HitomiClear Day Daydreams (06/01/08)
~ Twilight LegendAmbitious (06/05/08)
~ Namida no TaiyouHEY! Kawaii Kare (06/11/08)
~ CLASSIC6Morning Coffee (06/27/08)
~ J-unior SWEET’s Team JAS FOR ONE DAY (06/29/08)

    July 2008

~ Twilight LegendTonight Story (07/01/08)
~ J-unior SWEET’s Team SSeishun Line (07/03/08)
~ Wild MemoryMail no Namida (07/04/08)
~ 7ChicLOVE Machine (07/15/08)
~ Hawaiian~SplashUwaki na Honey Pie (07/19/08)
~ Meimei*KeiseiKonya no Shinkirou (07/27/08)
~ Twilight Legend Pro LeagueHello no Theme (07/28/08)
~ Totally Up! ProjectTwilight Legend Summer Concert 2008 ~Legend of the Manpower!!!~ Tracks 1-10 (07/30/08)

    August 2008

~ Totally Up! WeeklyRadio Show 3 (08/08/08)
~ Tiny WheatGenki Jirushi no LOVE (08/11/08)
~ Twilight LegendLove’s Illusions (08/17/08)
~ HitomiWasurerarenai Machi (08/29/08)

    September 2008

~ Kawaii-SonoKokoro no Kiss! (09/06/08)
~ J-unior SWEETSWEET Summer Blaster! Album (09/07/08)
~ EvaDream Come True (09/21/08)
~ Zoey & MicchiEveryday Suprises (09/25/08)
~ MariGlass Slippers (09/26/08)
~ Twilight LegendHappy Summer Wedding (09/27/08)

    October 2008

~ Totally Up! Project – Twilight Best 1 (10/04/08)
~ Totally Up! ProjectTwilight Legend Summer Concert 2008 ~Legend of the Manpower!!!~ Tracks 11-20 (10/09/08)
~ Tiny WheatRock n’ Roll KNOCK OUT! (10/21/08)
~ Urban PromiseColor of Tears (10/24/08)

    November 2008

~ Sparkle SocietyAs Much As 100 Jokes (11/03/08)
~ U2Vacance of Love (11/04/08)
~ Biscuit ROUGEOnly In The Way (11/09/08)
~ Golden TwilightOne Year of Memories (11/14/08)
~ Twilight Legend2nd Chapter (11/29/08)

    December 2008

~ Hitomi & MariFrustrated Fool: Kuyashi no Baka (12/07/08)
~ Totally Up! ProjectTwilight Legend Summer Concert 2008 ~Legend of the Manpower!!!~ Tracks 21-26 (12/07/08)
~ Twilight LegendInspector Pepper (12/10/08)
~ Mignon7Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! (12/14/08)
~ Zoey & CorsicaThe Two Detectives (12/16/08)
~ Totally Up! WeeklyRadio Show 4 (12/21/08)
~ YumikoOsaka Love Song (12/21/08)
~ Beautiful RadianceRenai Paradise (12/22/08)
~ Hawaiian~SplashShining Itoshiki Anata (12/23/08)
~ Crystal ClearWhite Tokyo (12/24/08)
~ Biscuit ROUGECome Together (12/28/08)
~ SWEET DelightAnataboshi (12/29/08)

Twilight Legend releases their second album entitled 2nd Chapter on November 29, 2008. We recently celebrated our first anniversary as a group and this release shows off the progress we have made since the release of White Tears. We will continue to work hard as a group and this achievement inspires us to keep progressing with our future projects.


o1. Renai Revolution 21
o2. Mikan
o3. Shabondama
o4. CHU! Natsu Party (Michelle, Bananna-chan, Rika Chihara)
o5. Everyday Everywhere (Yumiko, Mari)
o6. Resonant Blue
o7. LOVE Machine
o8. BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT! (Tomie, Dcgoddess3, Katie)
o9. LOVE Namida Iro (Purply, Reirae)
1o. Summer Reggae! Rainbow (Danica, Kiokiou, Mitsuki-chan, Hinaki)
11. Bon kyu Bon kyu BOMB GIRL
12. Happy Summer Wedding
13. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan
14. The Peace!

Full Release Download – Lyrics & MP3s

November 14, 2008 is not only the release date of Totally Up! Project’s newest single “One Year of Memories”, it is also our very first birthday together. To honor this occasion, the shuffle group Golden Twilight was secretly formed, consisting of three members from Twilight Legend’s generation 1 (Purply, Michelle, and Danica) and two members from J-unior SWEET’s generation 1 (Nami and Eva). Happy 1st anniversary!


01. Kioku no Meiro

02. Cinderella/Complex

Full Release Download – Lyrics & MP3s

This is a compilation album of the formation and very beginning of Totally Up! Project. This covers the birth of Twilight Legend and J-unior SWEET to formation of the smaller group, Meimei*Keisei. It celebrates the best of the beginning and serves as a milestone for how much we have accomplished vocal wise and getting closer to eachother as friends. This is a toast to the looming anniversary of Twilight Legend and a reminder for how all this started with five people. This was released on October 5, 2008.

user posted image


o1. BE ALL RIGHT( (J-unior SWEET)

o2. Special Generation (J-unior SWEET’s Team S)  

o3. Jiriri Kiteru (Twilight Legend)

o4. Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~ (Valentine Shuffle Mix)

o5. Sayonara Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no (Mari)

o6. Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND (J-unior SWEET)

o7. Yume Kara Samete (Danica)

o8. Yattarouze! (J-unior SWEET, Yumiko)

o9. Melodies (Meimei*Keisei)

1o. Hare Ame Nochi Suki (Valentine Shuffle Mix)

11. Furusato (Purply)

12. Tokaikko Junjou (J-unior SWEET’s Team J)

13. I WISH (Nami, Michelle)

14. Kanashimi Twilight (Twilight Legend)

15. Roman ~My Dear Boy~ (Twilight Legend)

Full Download – Lyrics & MP3s

Twilight Legend is releasing their seventh single in preparation for our 2nd album in November or December of 2008. Gen 2 members, Tomie and Yumiko, were unable to participate in this single, so this release features a 12 member line-up. The title track is Happy Summer Wedding and the two c/w tracks feature smaller groupings of the members. The c/w tracks were meant to reflect the original line-ups of Suki Suki LOVE Shot and Lovely<3Destiny.

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01. Happy Summer Wedding (Twilight Legend)

02. Sakura Mankai (Danica, Kiokiou, Purply, Mari, Dcgoddess3, Katie)

03. Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni Naranee!~ (Bananna-chan, Mitsuki-chan, Hinaki, Rika Chihara, Kat)

Full Download – Lyrics & MP3s

On February 8, 2008, Mari joined Twilight Legend’s 3rd generation with Mitsuki. She was also promoted to Soloist status and released her first solo single just days before her official debut with Twilight Legend in their first album, Let’s Go, #1! Her second solo single, Right Now, It’s Easy, was released two months later in May of 2008. In April of 2008, Mari joined the trio group, Wild Memory, in honor of Pamplemousee’s graduation from J-unior SWEET and took a short break from soloist work during the summer. Her third solo single, Glass Slippers, was released on September 26. 2008.

user posted image


01. Glass no Pumps

02. Hyacinth

Full Release Download – Lyrics & MP3s

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